Steven & Robert

Steven- April 2001

Robert- January 2004

Steven is a kind young man who likes helping others.  He hopes to become a volunteer firefighter this year. Steven can be very talkative at times, but he can also be quiet, needing his alone time.  You can find Steven reading, drawing, and playing video games on his down time.  Steven enjoys school and aspires to do something in the culinary field when he graduates high school.

Robert is engaging, playful, and expressive.  Robert has a wide variety of interests from running on the track team and playing basketball to drawing, Legos, and writing stories. Robert is doing well in school and has an Individualized Education Plan.  Both boys love animals and enjoy youth group and church activities.

Families who are interested in the boys together and separately will be considered.  These brothers are free for adoption and in need of a permanent home!

For more information about Steven and Robert or the adoption process, please email


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